North Beach Hotel

Sip | Splash | Savor | Repeat

You’ve made it to the North Beach Hotel and these are your only obligations for the remainder of your stay. At the North Beach Hotel, fresh and modern décor beckons you to relax in your room after a night on the town with friends or a day of fun in the sun with family. Our 15 rooms are built and outfitted with you and your needs in mind. Cool muted tones tempered with splashes of color combine to create the perfect environment for relaxation and reflection. Beautifully sheer white curtains give you the privacy that you need and allow the sun to bathe your room in that famous Fort Lauderdale glow.

Take in the wondrous destinations that Fort Lauderdale has to offer like Las Olas Boulevard, The Galleria Mall, The Riverwalk, and more with this perfectly located hotel as your hub! The concierge is delighted to help you take advantage and experience Fort Lauderdale in all its glory. At the hotel, you have access to stellar round-the-clock service and luxurious amenities such as the Village Café, which serves breakfast lunch and dinner. An additional advantage of staying in a hotel in the North Beach Village is access to sister hotels. You can walk down the road to The Winterset Hotel or Tranquillo Hotel and enjoy amenities specific to them!

At the North Beach Hotel, you’ll get the best of both worlds – just steps away from the Fort Lauderdale Beach, but affordable. Here, affordability and luxury are not mutually exclusive. Cheerful and willing staff make every effort to optimize your stay and maximize your enjoyment. Bottom line: we prioritize your comfort and don’t charge an arm and a leg for it, just because you’re seconds from the ocean. It isn’t too good to be true. Come see for yourself!