Things To Do

Things To Do

Enjoy South Florida's pure tropical sunshine, remarkable blue skies and warm Caribbean waters.

Things To Do


Join us for fun in the sun!

Enjoy South Florida’s pure tropical sunshine, remarkable blue skies, and warm Caribbean waters are what we’re known for the world over! We’re proud of that natural heritage, but there’s so much more to North Beach Village and Greater Fort Lauderdale for adventurers to marvel at and do!

Here’s a quick guide to bookmark with some useful tips, insights, and links for an optimal vacation:

Yoga on BreakersNorth Beach Village has created a sacred space for everybody. Yoga on Breakers certified instructors address your unique needs for safe, individualized practices that calm the mind and build flexibility in the body. Located at 608 Breakers Avenue.

VILLAGE SHOPPE – Located between Auramar and Terramar on Breakers Ave. Open 7 days a week, 10:30 am-5 pm. Items for sale include toiletries, pharmaceutical items, village wear, breakfast items, drinks, and snacks. Bicycle rentals are available at this location.

@THE MARKET– Items for sale include toiletries, pharmaceutical items, village wear, breakfast items, drinks, and snacks. Bicycle rentals are available at this location.


PLAZA BISTRO FOOD TRUCKS – Set in the heart of North Beach Village, the Bistro Food Trucks offer a wide selection of eclectic cuisines. From delicious meatless options at Vegan Bruder to fish & chips at our very own Plaza Bistro food truck, your taste buds are sure to go on a ride to flavor-town! The Plaza Bistro is conveniently located on the corner of Breakers Avenue and Belmar Street.

WINE GARDEN – An Italian inspired dining experience with views of a charming landscape. Located between the Village Shoppe and @The Market on Breakers Ave. Come indulge in a beautifully displayed charcuterie board or a comforting pairing of pizza and wine.

VILLAGE CAFE – This intimate boutique restaurant is nestled within the North Beach Hotel, the flagship property of North Beach Village Resort. The Village Cafe embodies a multitude of delectable dishes representing many cultures, both here and abroad. The ambiance is modern and trendy, yet boasts elements of the Mid-Century Modern design most commonly found back in the 50s. Experience the taste of our special dishes prepared with you in mind.